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Experience pleasure for a longer time with premium long-lasting condoms. The raspberry flavour is sure to make your experience even more intense and fun! Best of all, you get it in packs of 3s and 10s!

  • 0.05 mm
  • Raspberry
  • Disposable Pouch

All the endurance

You Need!

Raspberry flavour for heavenly sensual experience.

EPIC Pleasure Condom - Long Lasting  Raspberry Condom in India

Other variants

super thin
Silk Chocolate
extra dotted
Fruit Punch
Enhanced Dots
Belgian chocolate

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1. What is long lasting condom?
Long-lasting condoms are ones that offer a delayed climax. The Benzocaine oil used in long-lasting condoms, like our Long Lasting Raspberry Condoms, helps prolong the climax and is perfect for passionate moments.
2. How do long lasting condoms work?
Long lasting condoms contain Benzocaine oil which helps the male delay his climax and allows both partners to have long-lasting sex.
3. Which condom is good for long lasting?
The Manforce Epic Raspberry Condoms are exclusively made for long-lasting and pleasurable indulgence.
4. What is used in long last condoms?
Long-lasting condoms use benzocaine oil to prolong the climax of a male.
5. Is long lasting condoms harmful?
No. Using long lasting condoms is safe and there are no reported side-effects.