Premium Fruit Punch Flavour Condoms - EPIC Passion

Get Ready for Some Epic
Intensity with Extra Dotted

Fruit Punch Condoms


Simple won't cut it? Go a little extra and let the tension rise higher and higher with premium extra dotted condoms. Its fruity flavour is something you won't be able to get enough of. It will leave you craving for more. Guess what, it comes in packs of 3s and 10s.

  • 1800 Square Dots
  • Fruit
  • Disposable Pouch

All the pleasure

You Seek!

Fruity flavour for heavenly sensual experience.

Premium Extra Dotted Fruit Flavoured Condoms - EPIC Passion Condom

Other variants

Long lasting
super thin
Silk Chocolate
Enhanced Dots
Belgian chocolate

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1. What is extra dotted condom?
Our extra dotted condoms have raised dot textures designed to level up stimulation for female during lovemaking.
2. Why condoms are dotted and flavoured?
Condoms have dots as they help heighten the pleasure and stimulation for females during sex. While the flavours are added to uplift the mood with the scent and for gratifying lovemaking.
3. What are the benefits of extra dotted condom?
Our extra dotted condoms provide fantastic feels during intense penetrative sex. If you want to surprise your partner, why wait to use our extra dotted condoms?
4. What is the difference between dotted, ribbed and flavoured condom?
Dotted condoms have dot-like patterns that increase the amount of friction during sex. If you want to level up the intensity, you must go for our ribbed condoms for more pleasure.
5. Can the raised dots irritate one's delicate skin?
Dots are a series of circular bumps across the surface of the condom that increases stimulation for the woman but are soft enough to not irritate the skin.