EPIC Hot Dots Condom - Belgian Chocolate Flavour Condom

Enhance the intensity
with Enhanced Dots



No level of intensity is ever too much! Enhance every feeling of lovemaking with premium enhanced dotted condoms. There's more! This one comes in a seductive Belgian chocolate flavour to make things even better for you. AND you even get it in packs of 3s and 10s!

  • 396 Raised Dots
  • Belgian Chocolate
  • Disposable Pouch

All the intensity

You Crave!

Belgian Chocolate flavour for heavenly sensual experience.

Enhanced Dots Belgian Chocolate Flavour Condom by EPIC

Other variants

Long lasting
extra dotted
Fruit Punch
super thin
Silk Chocolate

make it epic

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1. What is a dotted condom?
When you want to stir up the passion to an intense level and say indirectly that, “I am going to take you for a ride”, that’s when you use a dotted condom. Sensation-booster and excitement-enhancer, a dotted condom comes with dots-like pattern, creating extra friction and stimulation for maximized sexual response and pleasure.
2. Why condom has dots?
Dots on condoms increase the friction between the vagina and penis, helping to increase enjoyment for the couple.
3. Is dotted condom safe?
Our dotted condoms are thoroughly tested electronically with no compromises on safety.
4. Can the raised dots irritate one's delicate skin?
Dots are a series of circular bumps across the surface of the condom that increases stimulation for the woman but are soft enough to not irritate the skin.