What are the ‘Epic Love Languages’

Epic Love Languages

This is not a psych-analysis pep talk. We are a condom brand and we are here to talk about the other crucial component of a healthy relationship, expressing love that is unique to each person.

They say ‘love has no language’, but it does. One that is only meant for you. You know the feeling you have that your partner ‘doesn’t get you’, it’s nothing but them not understanding your love language. It makes you think that your needs are invisible to them. For instance, you may get excited with a soft touch on your neck, but your partner insists on tickling your shoulder to get you in the mood. Letting your partner know your love language, will help you articulate your needs better and be emotionally fulfilled.


EPIC Valentines Day

Making the limited time you have with your partner worthwhile, is always a mood turner. From going on a romantic and secluded date to stowing away on a surprise escapade, you might get thrilled and excited with the thought of being alone with your partners where the heat will only rise. Or maybe you are one of them who enjoys every push and pull, pun-intended, on the bed. Whatever it maybe, make sure your partner knows about it.

EPIC Verbal compliments


Saying your name with a sweet voice while you’re in the midst of doing the deed or even saying ‘I Love You’ to you afterwards may be what gets you going for long. Words are always like a validation and it only affirms your beliefs. Verbal compliments on your attire or the way you do your job or even how you make things seem so comfortable can also be just the thing to turn you on


EPIC gifts

It may be materialistic, but giving gifts are hands down the most epic of all love languages. You may be turned on by those gentle surprises by your partner and before you know it you are already in the mood. Its less about the price of the gift and more about the thought of someone spending time and thinking about you that gets you going.

epic form of intimacy


Do you get in the mood to play dirty when your partner touches that right spot? No pun intended, but you maybe one of those people for whom physical touch is the most epic form of intimacy. It’s what gets you in the mood. Subtle touches are always a simple way that can always turn you on


Epic Turn on

The love language that speaks more about caring than anything else. Action are always louder than words and the display of how much your partner cares about you can be your Epic Turn on.


Wrapping up

Love language enables you to show your partner the epic love you harbour for them. It takes time to understand the small nuances that make your partner feel loved or even aroused. Having an open mind to try new things and see your partners way might even make you feel closer to them. Check out our #EpicLoveLanguage campaign on social media.

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