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A few extra-long, passionate minutes of intimacy can really spice up your sex life! To experience a greater pleasure for a longer period, every guy craves a delayed climax. Now, this is where the long-lasting condoms, which provide climax control for males, come into play. If you are someone who wants to know how to extend your intimate moments so both you and your partner can enjoy an exciting time, this is the blog for you.

What is a long-lasting condom?

what is a long-lasting condom

Long-lasting condoms are known as Benzocaine Condoms. These condoms are made specifically to increase your sexual ecstasy and extend the duration of sex. Using this condom can help a man to enjoy a delayed climax and extended thrill for more satisfying sex. These condoms have the delaying agent called benzocaine oil in the stockpile tip, which can effectively prolong ejaculation.

long lasting condoms

How do long-lasting condoms work?

Long-lasting condoms not only extend the duration of sex but also helps those that experience Premature Ejaculation (PE) - in which a person typically ejaculates within 1 minute of sexual activity. Many men find it difficult to hold on for longer during sex. To mitigate this, long-lasting condoms were created.

condoms to delay the climax

Keep reading to know how these condoms work. The stimulation nerve on the tip of a man's penis is numbed using condoms, which helps to delay the climax. One of the interesting things about these long-lasting condoms is that your partner will not be able to tell if you are using a conventional condom or a Benzocaine condom, so you can easily show how macho you are without exposing them to the fact that you are using a long-lasting condom.

These condoms are described as safe condoms for most users and work flawlessly to produce satisfying results. One prevalent drawback of this condom is that some men perceive it as distracting since it prevents them from appreciating intercourse. Men may also believe that it is difficult to maintain an erection while wearing this condom, however by using these condoms, you may build your stamina and eventually be able to enjoy extended sex without donning a long-lasting condom.

Can long-lasting condoms help in prolonging sex?

condoms help in prolonging sex

Long-lasting condoms designed for prolonged enjoyment and premature ejaculation are thicker than conventional condoms and can lessen the risk of overstimulation. By enabling numbing, long-lasting condoms delay ejaculation, lengthen intercourse, and extend excitement. The lubricant used to line long-lasting condoms includes an active substance, such as benzocaine. This functions as a local anaesthetic and desensitizes the penis just enough to prevent overstimulation.

Premature ejaculation affects a lot of people because penetrative sex is overstimulating but blocking the sensation with something like a long-lasting pleasure condom can reduce this stimulation and helps extend sex until climax.
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Which Is the best condom for long-lasting sex?

One of the newest options for a long-lasting, never-ending euphoria is the Manforce EPIC Long Lasting Raspberry Condoms. You should undoubtedly check it out. The condom is designed specifically for prolonged pleasure and intensified indulgence. Your experience will be made even more exciting and passionate by the raspberry flavour! The best part is that you can buy it in packs of 3s and 10s!

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Let there be “oohs” and “aahs” for a longer time.

EPIC long lasting condom

Every man dreams of having passionate, extended sex for a few extra minutes. What could be more exciting if you had a condom that could help you prolong your intimate time? Long-lasting condoms are a real game changer, as these condoms contain the delaying agent called benzocaine oil in the stockpile tip, which can effectively prolong ejaculation.

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